4 Things to Remember About Dental Insurance

November 9, 2022

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Dental insurance form on deskMore Americans than ever have dental insurance, but less than 3% of people reach or exceed their annual limits. Every month you pay premiums for your dental benefits, so why not use them? Dental insurance can be confusing, but you don’t have to throw money down the drain if you don’t understand your policy. Here are 4 helpful tips to remember about your dental insurance in Sunnyvale to make the most of your investment.


Can Invisalign Fix Bite Problems?

February 18, 2021

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Dental model of Invisalign in Sunnyvale.Invisalign in Sunnyvale is a preferred orthodontic system for teens and adults who are interested in attaining a straight smile without brackets and wires. Did you know the clear aligners can also fix a variety of bite problems? Although there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution, many people with misaligned bites can benefit from Invisalign. Not sure if it’s the best option for you? Here are some of the most common bite concerns that can be corrected with aligners.


6 Freedoms You’ll Enjoy with Invisalign

November 17, 2020

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Woman holding aligner for Invisalign in Sunnyvale. If you missed your chance for braces as an adolescent or you’ve experienced orthodontic regression, Invisalign in Sunnyvale is the ideal alternative to brackets and wires. The clear aligners provide a nearly invisible solution that resolves the common complaints and restrictions of metal braces. Here are 6 freedoms you’ll enjoy when choosing Invisalign to achieve a beautiful, straight smile.


3 Types of Dental Implants

July 26, 2018

Dentist showing patient dental implant modelWhen it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are often the ideal solution because they restore the entire lost tooth – roots and crowns. What many patients don’t know, is that there are a number of different materials available to create the implant posts. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the most popular implant materials to help you make an informed choice in partnership with your skilled Sunnyvale dentistry team.

The Role of Dental Insurance in Implant Tooth Replacement

June 4, 2018

More patients than ever are replacing missing teeth using dental implant supported tooth replacement. Dentists recommend these solutions because they look, feel, and function more like healthy, natural teeth, ensuring patients maintain the optimal level of oral health for life. While dental insurance doesn’t typically cover the cost of dental implant posts or their placement, your dentist may be able to use insurance coverage for other aspects of your tooth replacement plan. In this post, we’ll review the ways that dental insurance impacts the costs of implant supported tooth replacement.

Can Dental Implants in Sunnyvale Stop Bone Loss?

May 29, 2018

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dental implantAlthough several advancements in dentistry over the last few decades have helped to decrease the rate of tooth loss, 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. When left untreated, it can lead to additional missing teeth in the future, difficulty speaking clearly, dietary restrictions, and confidence issues; however, there is another problem brewing beneath the surface. When you do not have all your teeth, your jawbone will begin to deteriorate. You can preserve its density with dental implants in Sunnyvale.

4 Questions to Ask Your Dental Hygienist

February 8, 2018

Man in dental chair next to dental hygienistIf you keep up with your twice a year dental appointments, you likely know how important a dental hygienist is to your biannual dentistry visits. However, you may not be taking full advantage of all your hygienist has to offer. Dental hygienists are skilled professionals who are invaluable resources for helping patients with their preventive dentistry needs and oral hygiene goals.

How Long Does It Take to Get Dental Implants in Sunnyvale?

October 3, 2017

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woman looking in dental mirrorAre you ready to make an investment in your confidence by restoring your oral health with dental implants in Sunnyvale? That is great! They provide you with the next best thing to natural teeth. Offering over a 95% success rate, you can replace your missing teeth with an option that can potentially last forever with the right aftercare, like maintaining your oral hygiene. However, you are a bit hesitant because it does involve a multiphase treatment process. To put your worries at ease, here is what you need to know about the process to complete your smile.

Dentures or Dental Implants in Sunnyvale? Find Out Today

December 23, 2015

When it comes to big improvements in dentistry, there’s no doubt it: we’ve made incredible strides in tooth replacement over the last couple of decades. Today, missing teeth can be restored far more comfortably and affordably than ever before. These aren’t your grandmother’s dentures — keep reading to learn about today’s dentures and dental implants in Sunnyvale from Dr. George T. Philip.