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What Are Dental Bridges?

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Dental bridges are used to permanently replace missing teeth with artificial teeth. Dental bridges actually "bridge" the gap left by a missing tooth. Bridges are attached to the remaining teeth for support. Unlike dentures, a fixed dental bridge can only be removed by a dentist.

How Are Dental Bridges Placed?

Model smile with fixed bridge restoration

Before your new dental bridge can be made, the anchoring teeth must be reduced in size so that they can be fitted with dental crowns. After reduction, Dr. Philip will take impressions to provide an exact mold for the new bridge. If porcelain is used, Dr. Philip will determine the correct shade for the bridge to mimic the color of your natural teeth. Using this impression, a dental lab will custom fabricate your new bridge. A temporary bridge will be put in place to protect your prepared teeth while your permanent bridge is being made. When your permanent bridge is ready, the temporary bridge is removed, and your new bridge is then cemented, permanently restoring your smile.

Sunnyvale Dental Bridges Appointments

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If you are missing one or more teeth, schedule the dental bridge consultation appointment you need with our restorative dentistry today. Dr. Philip is a highly qualified restorative and family dentist in Sunnyvale, TX.

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