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Most adults will notice their teeth getting darker with age. Repeated exposure to highly pigmented foods and beverages like coffee, wine, ripe berries, and even tomato sauce take a toll, and teeth can grow more brittle and less able to defend against stains with time as well. Professional teeth whitening provides a wonderful solution. There are many options available, but Dr. George T. Philip prefers the Pola whitening system for its safe and effective results.

How Pola Whitening Works

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Pola whitening can brighten teeth by up to eight shades on average. This dramatic change can be achieved in a single one hour visit using Pola Office – that means you could pop in on an extended lunch break and return to work with a positively radiant smile!

In-office whitening with Pola is completely safe. First, we cover up your lips, gums, and tongue – anything that isn’t your tooth enamel – with a thick shield. Then, we will apply the bleaching gel directly to the teeth that show when you smile. It will be left on for about 8 minutes, wiped away, and then reapplied until we reach your desired level of whitening. Most of the time, patients are happy after just three to four applications.

Alternatively, if you would like to whiten more gradually and in the comfort of home, we can provide you with your own take-home Pola kit. It will contain the bleaching gel and custom-made mouth trays that you can use whenever and wherever you want to brighten your smile.

Pola whitening can remove all manner of dental stains, including:

  • Darkening due to foods and beverages (coffee, wine, etc.)
  • Yellow teeth caused by tobacco use
  • Stains from insufficient dental hygiene
  • Teeth that appear gray due to medicines like tetracycline

Because teeth whitening can cause sensitivity, we may recommend you brush with an anti-sensitivity toothpaste in the weeks leading up to your treatment.

Maintaining Your Brilliant Results

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Results achieved with Pola whitening can last for many years with the proper care. Performing daily oral hygiene (brushing twice daily and flossing once a day) will prevent plaque and tartar buildup that can affect the color of the teeth. You should also visit Dr. Philip every six months for a thorough cleaning and polish. If you start to notice your results fading, you can use a Pola take-home kit to reveal your sparkling smile once again.

Some additional tips for keeping your teeth brighter for longer include:

  • Brushing before drinking wine or coffee, rather than after. It removes the plaque that pigments cling onto.
  • Eating a handful of almonds or a crunchy stick of celery or carrots in the mid-afternoon to naturally scrub away plaque and bacteria on the surface of the teeth.
  • Pairing wine with cheese, which strengthens the tooth enamel to help defend against staining.
  • Rinsing the mouth out with water after eating ripe berries, dark chocolate, or anything else that is likely to stain the teeth.
  • Quitting smoking or tobacco use.

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