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3 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays and Avoiding a Dental Emergency

November 16, 2019

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Woman in Santa hat with beautiful teeth

Imagine you’re in the middle of your holiday shopping. Maybe you’re on your way from one store to the next, or maybe surfing the internet, in search of the perfect gift. You have a million other things on your mind, but as you take a bite of the peppermint bark your neighbor made, you hear a crunch that’s a little too loud. A cracked or broken tooth would put anyone in a bad mood, but it can really put the brakes on enjoying the holidays. From opening packages, to eating hard candies, to the hustle and bustle of the season, there are a lot of things that can sneak up on you and cause a dental emergency. Here are three tips that your dentist in Sunnyvale wants you to know about avoiding a dental emergency during this time of year.


Your Dental Insurance: Time to Use It or Lose It!

October 19, 2019

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Dental insurance can be so confusing. It’s no wonder that billions of dollars in benefits are wasted every year! But how is this possible? Are you ready to take control of your insurance plan and save on dental care? With the right know-how, it can be easier than you think! Keep reading to learn some pro tips on how to maximize your insurance benefits from a dentist in Sunnyvale.


Don’t Let the Holidays Derail Your Dental Health – Do This Instead!

October 10, 2019

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It’s that time of the year again, where the leaves begin to change, the air obtains a certain crispness to it and attentions turn to preparation for the holiday season. In the midst of making any plans, a local dentist says don’t overlook any unfinished dental work or the need for restorative care like the placement of dental crowns in Sunnyvale. As you continue reading, learn about some of the available treatment options and why now is the time to act!


How Does Vaping Affect Your Teeth?

September 12, 2019

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If you’ve been following the news recently, you may have heard about the latest controversy surrounding vaping – that they are just as harmful, if not more dangerous, than traditional cigarettes. Despite this news, it’s still a popular trend. Is it really safer than smoking regular cigarettes? How does vaping affect your teeth? A dentist in Sunnyvale is here with the answers.


Invisalign 911: 4 Steps to Follow If You’ve Lost or Damaged Your Aligner

August 9, 2019

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person holding Invisalign aligner

After eating your lunch and throwing away your trash, you begin looking around the table for your Invisalign aligner. After you realize there’s no sign of it, you begin to panic because you think you accidentally threw it out. Unfortunately, these kinds of accidents happen more than you may think. Invisalign in Sunnyvale is a great alternative treatment to traditional metal braces, but sometimes trays can become damaged or misplaced when they’re not consistently stored in their case. Here are some tips on what you should do if you find yourself in this situation. <


Plan to Play Fall Sports? Here’s How You Can Protect Your Smile

August 6, 2019

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A mouthguard.

During the fall season, it can be nice to get a break from the hot sun while still being able to play sports outside. While the cool air can be a relief, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about staying protected as you head on down to the football field. In fact, the overwhelming majority of dental injuries and emergencies occur as a result of playing contact sports, so you’ll need to take note of these tips from a dentist in Sunnyvale before you get started. The last thing you want is for your day off of playing sports with family and friends to be interrupted by a dental emergency.


What’s the Process to Get Dental Implants in Sunnyvale?

July 2, 2019

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Are you ready to replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Sunnyvale but wondering how long the process will take? Depending on your unique mouth and the oral issues you face, every implant procedure is drastically different and can take course over several months. It’s best to have realistic expectations when you commit to having one of the most advanced and precise modern restorative procedures. Read on to get an idea of how long it will take before you’ll be able to enjoy your new implant-retained replacement teeth.


Traditional Dentures vs. Dentures Retained by Dental Implants in Sunnyvale

June 28, 2019

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diagram of implant dentures

How long has it been since you had some yummy crunchy chips? What about some delicious hard candy? If you’re missing teeth, it has probably been too long. Fortunately, there is a solution – dentures. Regular dentures can restore your biting ability, but dentures retained by dental implants in Sunnyvale can even more so. Let’s look at the differences between the two.


Save Your Child’s Teeth with a Custom-Fitted Mouthguard from Your Dentist in Sunnyvale!

June 9, 2019

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girls in a soccer match

As a parent, you love watching your teenager succeed on the pitch, but you’re constantly worried about them getting hurt. After the Women’s World Cup, your daughter is inspired to get out there and give it her all, just like the world’s best. While oral trauma is unavoidable in contact sports, you’re considering the best protective option from your dentist in Sunnyvale, a custom-made sports mouthguard. This summer, protect your teen on the soccer field by scheduling an appointment with their dentist. Read on to find out how a mouthguard can save your child’s priceless smile.


Dentist in Mesquite Says: Gum Disease May Affect the Brain

May 29, 2019

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Sometimes health issues in one part of the body can lead to problems in other areas. When it comes to your oral health, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the health of your gums can have a major influence on your teeth, but did you know that it may also be linked to brain function? Learn more about this surprising link and how those regular visits to your dentist in Mesquite could be even more beneficial than you think.

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